Any workout routine can leave even the fittest person somewhat sore. It is important to take care of your muscles after working out. It is well known that protein supplements are a necessary step in growing muscles, losing weight, recovery and general performance in terms of fitness. Here, we recommend the 10 best workout recovery tools for your body after any exercise.

The same can be said in a post-workout sense but with tools that can help in the recovery to avoid your sore muscle from working out further. Without proper relaxation of your muscles, you will find yourself being unable to walk the next day. The idea is to massage the tissue, eat the right food, increase blood flow and also to combat inflammation to reduce if not elevate soreness as a result of your workout routine.

RecoveryVolt Handheld Deep Tissue Professional Massager & Muscle Stimulator

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Your muscles are crying, and maybe so are you! Well, stop those tears, the RecoveryVolt is here to help you. This device was designed with the sole purpose of giving the most intense deep tissue massage and it does not disappoint. It provides a noise-free massage for muscle relief.

Every minute 3,200 strokes are applied to provide a massage so relaxing you will forget you even worked out, to begin with. The massager features three custom speeds depending on your needs, which helps with relieving pain, tightness as well as losing up the muscles allowing them to recover and react to the workout. It is designed to stimulate and relax the muscles while also improving your overall health.

It comes with five different attachments:

•    The Cone – trigger points and deep tissue

•    The Fork – hamstrings and shoulders

•    Small Ball – the entire body

•    Large ball – larger muscle groups

•    Flathead – bone and other sensitive issues

The battery lasts for roughly five hours, while the battery levels are indicated on the device for ease-of-use.

NextRoller Foam Roller

foam roller

The NextRoller is a foam roller that can vibrate at three different speeds – low, medium and high intensity. This product is frequently used by pro athletes in order for them to reach peak performance. It has even made appearances on major TV networks when in use by pro athletes during, between or after games.

The NextRoller works intensely when it applies pressure to every muscle and joint. It elevates pain by massaging the muscles until they are tender. This foam roller works primarily on places like the lower and upper back, knees, hamstrings, quads, and more.

It is a trusted product used by players of the NBA, NFL and more. You can use this to help with mobility, flexibility and recovery before and after workouts. An ideal self-massage roller, it is portable as it measures 13 inches in length and 6 inches diameter. It charges with a plug-in wall-outlet charger and when fully charged can be used for up to two hours.

TheraBand Professional Resistance Band

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Yes, you just worked out and you are not looking to do any more physical work but have you stretched? Did not think so. Muscles need to be stretched to allow them to expand and allow for your workout to take effect. The TheraBand is a non-latex resistance band that can be used not only for working out itself but also post-workout recovery.

Your joints and muscles are exposed to a force which is both positive and negative. However, this force conditions, tones, and stretches the muscles and all their major groups. It improves your overall strength, flexibility and your range of motion while retaining its easy-to-use nature and compatibility.

5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball

massage ball

The Peanut Massage Ball, by 5BILLIONS FITNESS, is a small but effective massage tool. The design is perfect to provide a comprehensive massage that eases the pain of the vigorous workout you have just endured. Make no mistake, it is very small measuring 2.5 in diameter and 5 inches in length.

Shaped like a peanut, hence the name, the design helps to work on muscles sometimes overlooked when using other massage tools. The ball is designed in a way that it only massages the muscles that surround the vertebrae and spine, while leaving the spine untouched. It is made of natural rubber which makes it very durable. This is the best post workout recovery tool, after any workout program no matter the difficulty level. It is available in four different color choices.

Deep Tissue Leg Massage Roller

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Continuing on the streak of body massagers, we have the deep tissue leg massage roller from +addaday. It is a 21-inch stick that has five various roller balls along the length of it, which aid tired muscles and promote blood circulation. In the long run, it helps with flexibility as it massages the muscles making them stronger and capable of adapting to the workout.

It works on your back, legs, upper body, or can be moved in a circular motion for more targeted pain relief. This can be used to reduce the chances of Achilles pain, soreness, shin splints and other possible workout injuries. There are two blue rollers on the stick that help knead your tired muscles; while the two grey rollers reduce possible muscle fatigue and flush out lactic acid.

The red pin point roller assists with targeted relief to areas that are hard to reach. This leg roller is designed to mimic the techniques of physical therapists and help make the process of muscle rehabilitation smooth and fast.

Aloha Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

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Aloha presents an organic plant passed protein powder that is the perfect post workout supplement. What makes it the best recovery drink is its high plant-based protein, fiber, calorie and low sugar content. This vegan-based protein powder is free of things such as stevia, soy, gluten, GMOs, and dairy. It is a great source of iron, fiber, etc. and is completely organic, without any artificial ingredients.

The powder contains ingredients like MCT oil from coconuts which provide natural endurance and energy; while instead of regular sugar it uses a coconut sugar substitute and actively avoiding artificial sweeteners. This can be made into a post-workout shake and is a great source of post-workout protein. It is available in four flavors and sizes.

If you want a more thorough review, please visit Best Protein Powder in 2019-Gain Muscle and Lose Fat.

Rolflex PRO Self-Massage Combo System

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What is better than one roller? That is right, two! Rolflex Pro Edition is a major cut above the rest. It made use of the dual roller model and created a product that is bound to satisfy. This product has two separate rollers that are made with different densities to achieve different myofascial releases. Targeting more difficult trigger points and providing a self-massage the whole body can enjoy.

It uses leveraged compression to adjust pressure while the foam is rolling on any part of the body. The green roller is for muscle stripping, activation, and laser-focused trigger point therapy. It can be used on difficult-to-reach areas such as elbows and knees. The product is also capable of being used as a neck massager with a great extension handle as well as a multi-strap. This is another great tool to help the muscles recover and stretch after a workout.

2XU Women’s Refresh Recovery Compression Tights

compression tights

Muscle recovery is not always easy – in order to recover you sometimes need some help. Recovery tights, that is right! These antibacterial tights are perfect for your post work out relaxation. Made from nylon and elastane, they work using compression to create a speedy recovery as well as improve overall workout performance.

Their signature Power-Weight-Flex fabric provides powerful compression, flexibility and a lightweight feel. It comes complete with moisture-wicking technology and flatlock seams to keep you dry and prevent chafing, respectively. The design allows for increased blood flow with the objective to remove lactic acid which in turn prevents other injuries.

These pants are beneficial in many ways, thanks to their brilliant design. They are aimed to help you in every aspect of not only working out but also recovering from that workout. 2XU have other compression tights for different focused purposes. On top of it, all these pants make you look your stylish best, while you are occupied with your workout sessions.

Moji Foot Pro Compact Foot Massager

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Working out can feel like death on your entire body, especially your feet. In order to help you survive post workout pain, Moji has come to the rescue with their Foot Pro. It is a compact foot massager that will reduce your foot pain. It features high quality, stainless-steel 6-sphere design that can massage your foot from all angles and help ease their pain.

You can freeze the sphere for an ice massage, or use it while standing or sitting for added ease and comfort. Just sit back and enjoy a relaxing post workout recovery foot massage. This could be one of those overlooked muscle recovery tools that might work wonders.

BulkSupplements Casein Protein Powder

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Back to protein! Protein, as stated before, is a vital part of getting in shape and is something necessary for the post workout recovery period. BulkSupplements brings to you their Casein Protein Powder. Casein, if you are unaware, is a derivative of milk and is a slow digesting protein. You can take roughly about 15 to 30 grams of casein as a supplement a day.

It is vital to have a protein supplement to help you in your quest of getting in shape and this is the best post workout supplement! For best results, it is recommended to be taken thirty minutes post workout. It helps to strengthen the muscles as well as build them and maintain work that was put into them from your workout.

Due to casein being a slow absorbing protein in comparison to proteins like whey, your body is provided with a steady supply of amino acid in the bloodstream. This means it can be somewhat more effective. It is also great for your bone and dental health as it is known to prevent enamel erosion, which is just another bonus – not the enamel erosion, but the dental health part. Well, you know what we mean!

It is a great source of calcium and has been lab tested to prove its quality and pure ingredients. While it is not a muscle recovery supplement primarily, it does a great job of helping make your body stronger by being a great post workout protein.

Final Thoughts

Everyone puts a lot of effort in their workout, whether one goes to a gym or has a home gym but forgets about the steps that come afterwards. Getting in shape, building muscle, etc. is a difficult process that isn’t as simple as one might think. Stretching, protein, massaging, rest, etc. are vital in order to achieve utmost achievement from your workout.

Without a proper plan, you will find the effort squandered when your body mass does not improve fast enough. You will also find yourself in constant pain from working out leaving you unable to do it the next day which may mean you fall out of a pattern you have yet to even get into!

Do your research in order to achieve the best results and good luck!

Here is a video that tells you in detail the things that you might want to do to recover post a workout.

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