Organizing your home can seem like the most daunting task possible but consider it like any challenge that you would in your life. Our homes are a big part of who we are and we want people to come over and see our personality reflect in our humble abode. Almost all of us leave our homes looking like the day after the weekend bazaar! We procrastinate and hope for the best. We are here to help break down some of the best ways you can organize your home – room by room!


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Many people almost grow up living in their kitchen. The best memories can be made here, it can be the spot of late-night talks with your family and so much more. It can also be the home of unorganized chaos. Let us consider a few ways you can improve on your kitchen:

Lazy Susan Turntable


Lazy Susan’s are a gift from the heavens! They can be made from either wood or plastic but their purpose remains the same. When you have limited cupboard space but want to keep all your things stacked away together, let this wonderful product do the work for you. Lazy Susan’s are turn table devices that allow you to put things on them and be able to simply turn it around and look for other products. It is a wonderful tool for organizing your spices and herbs as well as a wide array of other things such as canned goods, etc.

The Copco Lazy Susan is a wonderful example. It features a non-skid liner that keeps products from moving around as the turntable does a 360 degree turn. Available in white and gray, or white and aqua, it is made of a high-quality material and blends well with almost any kitchen type. It can be a highly effective tool of pantry organization in your kitchen or home in general.

Sorbus Fridge Bins

fridge bins

Sometimes, it can be almost too easy to make a mess in our fridge. We spend forever battling to get to a food item at the back that we sometimes call it quits and leave that food item to perish. If only there was a better way to handle the food stored in our fridge – well, there is. Yes, I know, shocker! The Sorbus 6-piece Fridge Storage Containers are what you need to be able to effectively organize items in your fridge.

This fridge bin is made from clear plastic, coming in different sizes – two wide drawers, two narrow drawers, one can dispenser drawer that can hold up to 10 standard size cans, and one egg drawer to hold 14 eggs at a time. Put all the sauces together neatly and immediately save mountains of space. These are the perfect items to find in your fridge to maximize the potential of creating a clutter-free refrigerator. They are simple to clean, but avoid the dishwasher at all times.

Food Container Lid Organizers

We could talk about containers and how much of a pain they are for the rest of our lives. Thankfully InterDesign has come up with a solution. Their food container lid organizers are wonderful tools to have in the cupboards. It is like a dish rack for plastic container lids. This lid organizer can also be used for pots and pan lids! Don’t worry about how difficult it must be to clean because it’s quite the opposite. Made from a BPA-free plastic, this lid organizer is made to make your life a whole lot easier.

Living Room

Living rooms are important spaces in our homes. It can be a place for comfort and relaxation and clutter will not help in this endeavor. Here are somethings to help you to make your life a little easier.

Bookshelf Display Storage

Bookshelves are a part of most, if not all, homes. Whether they are big or small, they are generally there. The NEX bookshelf is beautifully shaped like a tree but made from high-quality steel with a stoving varnish finish. It is not only rust proof but also built to last. This beautiful bookcase boasts a stable design that is light so you can move it around the room with ease. Bookshelves can be important parts of decorating and organizing our homes.

These things can hold books but can also hold other items such as CDs and DVDs. You can even store small decorative boxes on the shelves that contain other items like photos and more. This intriguing bookshelf comes in aqua blue, white or grey.

Remote Control Caddy


Remote controls can be so damn annoying! How they always get stuck behind the sofa cushions is a mystery in itself. We all own a million electrical devices and the equal number of remote controls they need to operate. It can be such a chore keeping up with them all. Consider getting a remote-control caddy, something designed to keep all the remote controls, in one place, ready for use.

The Cornucopia Remote-Control Caddy is made of a mixed color wood, using dark wood and cherry wood. It features a pair of narrow compartments and two wide compartments. It can roughly hold between 4 to 8 controllers depending on size. This great little caddy sits on top of a revolver which means you do not even have to get up to turn it around. Soon we will live in a remote-less world, until then you know what to do.

Storage Ottoman Bench

Storage Ottoman Bench

Storage ottoman benches are great to have in your living room space. They are useful to sit on and store things in as well. Keep all your blankets or whatever else inside and simply take the top off to access them. It acts as a storage unit, bench, foot rest, coffee table and whatever other use you can find for it.

The SONGMICS faux leather ottoman is a great choice. It comes in beige, white, brown and black. It can fit a sufficient number of blankets, books, toys, shoes and whatever else you wish to store in it.  Easy to assemble, it works well for homes with limited spacing. It fits in with any and all furniture thanks to its simple yet striking design.


Bathrooms are at risk of easily becoming the worst room in the house when it comes to clutter. You need to keep this in mind when wondering how to declutter your home and find the best bathroom essentials that could help you to organize them.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

So, this clever little cabinet goes next to your toilet and serves many purposes. Made of a high-quality manufactured wood, it showcases its sturdy design that oozes strength and durability. It features a large amount of storage that slides open and presents you with compartments for different things.

This bathroom storage cabinet has a space for toilet paper which can fit up to 12 rolls. The top can hold things such as medication or basic essentials. The cabinet’s slim design means it fits right in with little to no disruption to the room. It is easy to assemble and can provide endless use. The top also acts as a table so you can have things on top for decoration or use.

Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack

Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack

Under the sink can be an under-utilized space, a chaotic mess, or a mixture of both! We keep things in there like cleaning supplies or personal hygiene materials. This shelf is made of two tiers to maximize the space under the sink to provide you with ample coverage to store your products. It comes in either silver or bronze and can expand from 15 to 25 inches.

Comprising an adjustable height up to four levels – 2, 5, 9, and 13 inches from the bottom, it is the perfect tool for your bathroom or kitchen to provide a space for things to be kept out of sight but not out of mind. Now you will not have to sift through old rubbish in your cupboards to find what you need.


Your office space is sacred – it is where you earn your livelihood so it is essential to have certain things in place there. How can we do that when the world around us is full of chaos? We need not only privacy and quiet but also peace of mind to let our creative juices flow. That can only be achieved when we are relaxed in our environment.

Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack

Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack

Jerry and Maggie’s desktop organizer is one that echoes style and practically all in the same place. Made of natural wood that is non-toxic it can stand the test of time to make it a product worthy of your desk. The size of each side is different depending on how you place it. The desktop organizer is perfect for you and is easy to assemble so don’t worry about losing your patience because Jerry and Maggie won’t give you that chance. They have ensured that it won’t cave in under pressure and have made it so that it can support the weight of a series of books and ornaments.


We all know the struggle with bedrooms. While we could go on about closet organizers, let’s instead focus on the kids. Kids can be a handful especially with all their toys always lying around. Well, maybe not anymore:

Storage Container For Toys

Storage Organizer

Tot Tutors have created a storage bin that specifically services children’s rooms and their toys. These removable storage bins make cleaning up after playtime all the more fun and easier. They are simple to assemble and can hold things like toys, dolls, blocks, crayons and more! Teach your children from a young age the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

The container features 12 storage bins made of plastic. Of them, four are large and the other eight are standard size, so if you want to buy more of the larger sizes separately, you can. Firstly, the shelf itself is made of durable wood that is easy to clean with steel dowels to hold the bins. Secondly, it comes in a standard white, brown or you can go crazy with the colors of the containers. Finally, they have a selection of truly colorful options: bright, pinks and pastel.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 solutions to use around the house to make your home and life somewhat more organized! There are more things that can be done if you look for them and work to make your house as organized as possible without overdoing it.

Do you want to know how to get better organized? Watch this video:

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