Kids love to have fun. Well, I hope yours do at least, because if they don’t like to have fun then they might be broken and as everyone knows, they are not easy to trade in! In order to have fun, kids need a few things, sometimes at the same time, sometimes they can survive with one or the other: imagination, toys, friends. We are here to suggest the best gift ideas for your kids.

Unfortunately, we are not in the business of selling friends, we have been told it is illegal so we cannot help you in that department. Imagination is something everyone has, how you or your kid uses it is up to you. Toys and other gifts, on the other hand, is something we can help with, so we are going to list the best gift ideas for kids!

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Elite Force Battle Group Army Men Play Bucket

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So, remember that thing called imagination? It is vital when playing with toy soldiers. Play alone or with your friends, this 100-piece army man set is super fun. The product comes in a container, which makes it easy to store away when not in use. In addition, the set includes things such as tanks, trucks, helicopters, battlefield equipment, and fences.

Don’t want the army men? Why not get horses, camping and hunting, dinosaurs or unicorns set? Yes, that is correct, unicorns! Horses come with a horse trailer, truck, fencing, and other obstacles. Camping comes with tents, figures, vehicles and camping gear. Dinosaurs come with an assortment of dinosaurs as well as trees. Unicorns set includes unicorns, castles, fairies, dragons and more.

These little plastic figures help promote imagination as well as role play and creativity. It can be taken anywhere and can be played with friends up to any number. This is the best gift for 10-year-old boys or girls! Imagine the hours of fun these little plastic toys can bring.

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)

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Giving a book as a gift isn’t everyone’s idea of an ideal present, but imagine your child enjoying a book and learning from it! National Geographic Kids presents to you the book of 5000 Awesome Facts. This book is is loaded with pictures and colors to trick any child into reading the interesting facts that go with them.

Also, kids will find themselves learning about sweet chocolate or things they never knew about their favorite thing to put on toast, peanut butter, etc. Turn over a page and now they are learning about the ocean and the millions of species that inhabit it including sharks. It covers it all – from the mysteries of history to the wonders of space, from robots and the future to reptiles and spies.

Also, this book features enough to keep any child entertained while having them actively learn at the same time. It is available in either hardback or paperback.

Threeking Smart Robot

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Who really knows what the future holds, but one can dream can they not? When you wonder what are popular gifts for 10-year-old boys, think robots. Introducing a robot big enough to entertain your kid but small enough so that world domination seems near impossible.

The R2 Smart Robot is one of the best toys for ten-year-olds, as it keeps them entertained and engaged for hours. This robot can be controlled by gestures or its remote control, and includes additional features like patrolling, singing, dancing, and is even smart enough to know when something is in its way!

Also, it is also able to move its flexible parts thanks to its design which allows shoulders and elbows more freedom than its predecessors. This is not just for boys; however, anyone can use it! Don’t want it in blue? That’s alright, your child can have it in pink too. It even comes with skating wheels on the bottom of its shoes to perform some moves that enhance the flexibility of the robot.

Kids Camping Gear Joyfun Walkie Talkies

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Want to be spies? Want to be soldiers? Want to talk in secret? Walkie Talkies are something that almost all kids love. They provide endless entertainment for kids to be creative and pretend they are anyone they want. These particular walkie talkies are designed to withstand outdoor fun and are very durable and safe.

The sound quality is crisp and the volume level can be adjusted. It has 22 channels as well as a 2-mile range, this means long distance play is possible and maybe even talking to your friend who lives in the house next door! They are small and portable and incredibly easy to use.

What’s better than that? It has a built-in flashlight so now you can find your way in the dark with it too. This is one of the most popular gifts for 10-year-olds and it is easy to see why!


Lego is an age-old classic that all kids should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Having been around since 1932, Lego remains one of the most popular toys in history. So now give your child the gift of Lego and let them build this powerful pull-back motor car!

Interestingly, it has a large rear spoiler, sturdy front bumper, black rims, a low-profile tire, and an engine that on impact just pops out! Combined with other stunt car toys, let your kids have a cool game of cars crashing into each other and engines flying all over the place! Girls and boys can find fun in the 135-piece car kit and leave you with some peace and quiet while they figure out how to assemble it. This is an all time favorite as our recommendation for the best gift idea for kids.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

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Nerf Wars, what fun! Promoting physical activity, tactical thinking and all-around enjoyment nerf blasters are exactly what any family needs! The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster is a quick draw and fast firing nerf gun that fires six darts before needing to be reloaded. It shoots them up to 90 feet ahead. The barrel flips open and rotates and is hand powered meaning no batteries required, we know, even better!

Hence, the fun never has to stop. The 6 nerf darts that come with it are designed to go the distance and are tested for any performance or quality imperfections. They are flexible and made of foam with hollow tips. If you purchase a few of these, the whole family can enjoy this invigorating game that can make enemies out of even the best of us. This is not only one of the best gift idea for kids but it is also one of the best toys for families to enjoy together.

Creativity for Kids Designed by You

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Fashion is the cornerstone of the world and one of the leading industries. Well, now your home can have a share of that by giving your child this unbelievable fashion designer kit by Creativity for Kids. It comes with 50+ pieces and includes a sketchbook, markers, lace-covered dress mannequin, fabric samples, ribbons, trims, tools, swatch booklet and embellishments.

Your kids can learn how to design things by sketching patterns in their sketchbook. Using all the provided materials, children can use the mannequin as their model to showcase their creative design! The kit comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easy to follow for any child. It also comes with real tools like pins, scissors, tape measure and more.

This fun little fashion kit can provide any kid with hours and hours of entertainment leaving them wanting more. There is also another version which focuses on dresses for special events like weddings.

Craft-tastic – String Art Kit – Craft Kit

Best Gift Ideas For Kids

Kids love arts and craft and if they do not then they are about to develop a soft spot for it with the Craft-tastic String Art Kit! It is the perfect gift for a 10-year-old girl or boy who wants to express their inner artist. This arts and crafts kit is a best seller for a reason! It includes 3 foam canvases which are sturdy and durable.

The designs are fun for all kids to enjoy such as starburst, owls, words, and designs of their own! In order to use, kids simply have to push pin into the foam base with a pre-pattern and string away. No hammer or nails are needed because everything comes in the kit, the supplies are all included.

In total, there is 60 yards worth of thread and 170 pins giving kids enough to work with three fun art projects. Now you have something to keep your child occupied and entertained for hours on end.

GirlZone: DIY Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit

Best Gift Ideas For Kids

In the spirit of arts and crafts, GirlZone brings a fun interactive Lip Balm Creation Kit for children. Imagine, being able to make their own lip balm, children will feel like they are the head of a high-profile cosmetics brand. Kids can have a great time enjoying this fun kit creating their own lip balm with a 21 fun piece set that includes:

•    4 flavor tubes

•    3 different shades of glitter pots

•    5 customizable pots

•    2 large sticker sheets

•    6 mixing tools

•    Makeup bag

•    1 balm base

•    Detailed Instructions

Now, you can make customized lip gloss containers using stickers that come in the set. You can choose different flavors from purely pineapple, oh so orange, very cherry, gorgeous grape and more.  Enjoy by yourself or with all your friends. Whenever you are thinking of gifts for ten-year-old girls, you should think of this wonderful lip balm kit.

Kanguru Wearable Hooded Blanket Gifts 

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Little girls love unicorns. Hence, they may want one but that is unachievable so settle for the next best thing, dressing up like one! This is the be-all and end-all of a little girl’s dream and imagination. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, soft does not even begin to describe it. The fabric is comfortable, fluffy and feels like your child is being hugged by a cloud.

This wearable blanket has a place for her hands to be placed in like a glove. Hence, she can take it on a camping trip, wear it to shops, hike a mountain with it, watch a movie it doesn’t matter just what your child does in it, just be the best unicorn that she can be! Kanguru Wearable Hooded Blanket can be the very best gift idea for kids that you can think of. It is not like you can play Santa Claus every time.

Final Thoughts-Best Gift Ideas For Kids!

Kids can be trouble to shop for in the modern day and age whether you want to admit it or not. Hence, it is a mission to get them away from behind the TV screen but when you do it truly is magical. Also, it can be difficult to shop for them when they are difficult to entertain.

Amazingly, you can preserve a child’s imagination with gifts that inspire or motivate creativity. The perfect gift for a 10-year-old is for them to know the magic of their own imagination and to experience the outside world beyond the screen of a computer or phone.

If you looking for great Valentine Day’s gift ideas, keep reading.


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