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Almost every runner worth their salt dreams of participating in a marathon. But it is easier said than done. It takes months, sometimes even years of consistent practice to be ready, both mentally and physically, to successfully race to the finish line in a marathon. In addition to practice, it is important to have the right gear as well. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the many essentials for your marathon running needs.

Pre-Marathon Training

Most marathon training programs start about 16 weeks before the actual event. Although it may be quite difficult to just start running from the first day of the training itself, you need to have some fitness training and be able to cope with the distance. The key to running a marathon is being able to keep a steady pace. This takes skill and practice. This is why you need a pre-training program.

The first step is being consistent with your running pace. The only way to develop consistency is to keep practicing. So, let’s look at how many times a week do one have to run! Running at least five times a week should do it. Some enthusiasts will choose to even run twice a day! The point is to try to keep to the same days that you will be training on for the 6-week training session.

When you are doing these sessions, you must think about your posture and your breathing. Do not focus on how far or how fast you run. Pay close attention to your breathing and body. Does your body hurt a lot the next day? How do you feel after a week of training? Is your body adapting? Are the shoes you are running in comfortable? What do you feel most comfortable wearing on your runs? Are you starting to feel stronger? Is your strength building?

If you are not feeling the difference, then you can add two strength training days to your program. On these days do other exercises like plunges and other core strengthening exercises. The next important thing that you will work on in the pre-training program is taking care of your body. For as little as 10 minutes a day, work on stretching and mobility.

Fitness Tracker HR


A great way to monitor your progress and the effects it has on your body is with Fitbit. Fitbits are wonderful devices that track a wide variety of things that every running enthusiast should be aware of. They track things such as your sleep, heart rate, the number of steps you have taken so far, and how many calories you have burnt. The devices can also call SMS and SNS which is useful in case of emergencies. They can be slightly tongue-in-cheek and remind you to move if you have been stationary for too long!

All the accumulated information can be exported right to your phone allowing you access to all the data it collects on your progress.

Nike Men’s Air Force 

Best Running Gear

Air Force shoes were designed in 1982. These shoes have clean lines and strong midsoles. To suit your fashion streak, they come in new and classic colors with endless opportunity to choose a style that works for you. Also, you will find them in low-top, mid-top and high-top styles.

Choose what you will find the most comfort in. One of the latest versions is the Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker. Made from both genuine and synthetic leather, these low top shoes are made for style and comfort with extra padding provided for the ankles.

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks

best running gear

You need quality running socks that won’t deconstruct, mid-run, into shapeless wet tubes that will work their way over each heel and bunch around your toes! The Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Socks are a running enthusiast’s best friend. This is such a vital part of any athletes running gear. Made in Europe from South American organic merino wool with natural anti-odor properties, these socks help with blisters, rubbing, and foot odor issues. They have ventilation zones to help keep the feet dry while you run.

Cotton fabric feels great on a hot day, but is it a suitable wear for running a marathon? Your best bet would be one made of performance fabric. Cotton absorbs your sweat and holds onto it, making it heavier. This may cause chafing while you run as the fabric rubs against your skin. Polyester and nylon, the most common fabrics in tech shirts, absorb most of the moisture and, wick sweat from the skin and allow it to evaporate.

Under Armour Women’s Tech Twist

Best Running Gear

For women runners, we recommend the Under-Armour Tech Twist V-Neck. Made of 100% polyester, it is designed to be a quick drying, incredibly soft and natural feeling wear for any woman.

In addition to outerwear, innerwear is equally or maybe even more important for serious runners.

MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras 

best running gear

The Mirity Racerback Sports Bra is soft, stretchy and breathable and a perfect wear for female runners.

Baleaf Men’s Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt

marathon essentials

For men, we recommend the Baleaf Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt Running Fitness Shirt. Made from a soft, breathable material, it absorbs the moisture and dries quickly. This shirt offers extra coverage and is perfect for the male runner.

In your journey to train for the marathon, please take a look at this video. It shows you how to start training for a marathon.

NIKE Women’s Dry 10K Running Shorts

running shorts

What to look for when shopping for shorts? If the shorts have a solid side panel, it will prevent them from billowing like normal shorts. The mesh liner must be supportive, and the shorts must be breathable and quick-drying.

For women, we recommend the NIKE Dry 10K Running Shorts. They are 100% polyester and are made from a dry fabric that works to keep you comfortable and most importantly dry. Mesh inserts aid in regular airflow. There is an internal drawcord in the elastic waistband of the shorts that allow for a customized fit.

Baleaf Men’s Quick-Dry Lightweight Pace Running Shorts

running shorts

We recommend the Baleaf Quick-Dry Lightweight Pace Running Shorts. Also made of polyester, these lightweight shorts are just the ones any runner would need to keep sweat off their body. It helps to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. There have a pair of built-in briefs for extra comfort and to help avoid chafing. Also, both our recommended shorts are reflective which improves their visibility in dimly lit situations.

You will be running for at least a couple of hours, so not only do we recommend sunscreen but also headgear to protect your scalp from scalding in the scorching heat.

TrailHeads Women’s Winter Ponytail Beanie

winter running gear

For women, we recommend the TrailHeads Winter Ponytail Beanie. It provides protection to your hair, forehead, ears and even the back of the neck. Also, it keeps your hair dry thanks to its breathable design.

TrailHeads Men’s Power Cap – 4-way stretch skull cap

winter running essentials

For men, the recommended product is the TrailHeads Power Cap. It is a stylish water-resistance cap that protects the forehead, hair and back of the neck. In addition, it is made from a breathable polyester / spandex combination to help make it fit well and have a comfortable feel to it.

As a spectator, we do not realize how much work and preparation goes into running a marathon. It is always fun to watch as a spectator being on the sidelines cheering each runner on. As a runner, use the spectator’s cheers as your motivation to continue.

All the best on your future runs. Whether you started with the 5km runs or the 10 km runs, always try to prepare adequately for each run.  Remember to stick to a healthy eating plan, pay attention to your body and how it adapts along the way. Also, make sure to stretch, have lots of fluids and recover your muscles completely before your next run. Build your strength up and remember that your endurance counts.

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