In the modern world, we are constantly faced with keeping up with time. Lives get busy, with work, with kids, with school, with home, for students, moms, dads, CEOs you name it they are all busy. It is no surprise that some prefer to stay on top of their lives by diarizing everything to ensure they never miss a beat. Here, we are going to share a list of some of the best planners for 2019 according to their uses:

Planners are a popular option with many people to control their lives and plan out their days, weeks, months, and years. From simple things like writing down a birthday or a task you need to complete to mapping out important meetings, assignments etc.

Best Planners for College Students

Students have it rough, we know. Drowning in assignments, struggling to remember their classes and venues. It can be a nightmare that we would not wish on our worst enemy. Now, it is time to get your life in check and to properly map out your months, weeks and days with a proper diary that fits all the needs of a student.

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Day Designer by Blue Sky


From January to December, the Day Designer by Blue Sky has you covered. Track all the days of the year carefully with this stunning day planner that has daily pages to help make your life just a little easier. Each month features a two-day month overview to mark the detrimental of reminders.

Each week starts with a week overview to see the important top tier priorities. It is a two-page spread containing just enough space for a small amount of writing for your daily schedule. It is a hardcover book that is twin wire bound. Each month has a tab for each month that can survive daily use. It is printed on paper of the highest quality.

The Day Designer is so much more than you could have imagined, however. This is one of the best planners for college students as it is designed to make you utilize your days. It has sections at the beginning of the month to set goals, be it financial, personal, academic, or whatever you want. Track your progress throughout the year with a goal checklist. Design your days and celebrate the little things you make progress on.

It comes in either hard or flexible cover in 8 x 10. And, it also comes in 5 x 8 but is only available in flexible cover for that size. There is also a 17 x 11 calendar version.

Mead Weekly and Monthly Planner

monthly planner

Featuring all twelve months of the year, the Mead Weekly and Monthly Planner is a less elaborate way of planning your months and weeks. It does not have detailed day breakdowns but instead focuses on using a calendar month view and a week overview spread over two pages. You are then given enough space to plan out the days briefly, with Saturday and Sunday being given half the space.

The Saturday/Sunday blocks are also colored in to identify them as the weekend and non-work/school days. It is made using a poly cover, and comes in three sizes – pocket 3.5 x 6, small 5.5 x 8.5, and large 8.5 x 11. This is one of the best academic planners for people who do not work as hard on planning their lives.

Best Planners for Work and Home

Moms do not have it much easier than students do. From juggling house chores, their kids, personal goals, errands, to shopping lists and more, they have it just as hard. These are some of the best planners for moms and well as personalized planners and organizers.

The Clever Fox Planner

daily planner

This planner, by Clever Fox, is a more personal approach to planning one’s life with the idea of margining and increasing productivity and overall happiness. It has a place for goals weekly, monthly, annually, and most importantly daily. Additionally, it features a two-day calendar month spread with space for notes, goals, positives you achieved personally and what to work on for months to follow.

It is entirely unmarked, meaning you can start using it at any time of the year. It allows for the making of vision boards and more. Clever fox has created some of the best-personalized planners and organizers imaginable.

When you commit to less, you increase the likeliness of achieving goals. Overloading yourself with goals means you spread yourself thin and therefore are unable to achieve many goals, if any at all. Also, Clever Fox wants you to set fewer goals in order to maximize productivity and positive results. You can plan your week and month, and every week you get to review your progress as well.

This helps you to take more accountability for your actions and actively try to improve your shortcomings. It is made from a leatherette hardcover, and features a pen holder, colorful bookmarks, elastic band, accordion folder and uses thick 120 gsm paper. It is for 12 months and features undated days. If you believe this book is in no way helping you, then Clever Fox will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Erin Condren 12 Month Planner

Best Planner 2019

Featuring quotes to inspire even the most uninspired human being, this 12-month planner from Erin Condren is a working woman’s dream. This planner is 7 x 9 and ready to be used to the fullest extent. It is bursting with colors and stunning patterns to elevate one’s mood and to help make it enjoyable to write in.

Interestingly, Erin Condren comes in different layouts: vertical, hourly, and horizontally. The vertical week layout separates days into morning, lunch, and dinner. You can adapt it to whatever three things you want. Each version features a vellum overlay sheet, a quote opening open the designer cover paged book. It features weekly spreads, goals that will make you happy to know that you accomplished them, or to work on for in the future.

For those of you who are looking to organize your life and looking for solutions, here is something to ponder over.

Passion Planner Pro

Best Planner 2019

This personal planner is as personal as it gets. Featuring a focus on weeks with each day, Monday to Sunday, getting a column with the hours of the day from 6 am to 11 pm in 30-minute intervals.

There are sections for things such as the focus of the week, great things that happened during the week, personal to-do lists and work to-do list. This planner is something that has every aspect of an individual’s life. It can constantly drive you to try to be the best possible version of yourself. The planner’s size is 6.9 x 9.8.

Best Planners for Professionals

Running a business is something that requires one to be as professional as possible. They need to ensure that their time is utilized and well managed to keep up with their ever-changing professional lives.

Bulletproof Business Planner

best planners 2019

ProtoPreneur presents the Bulletproof Business Planner, designed to make anyone a high-level boss of an important company! Work on proper preparation for your work weeks and months. It helps you to plan your goals, personally and professionally.

There are sections for things like:

  • Life goals – for things that happen in your personal life, for example, home renovations, fixing something, etc. Goals are revisited every three months with the 3-month milestones.
  • Vision boards – for things that help you see the ‘bigger picture’ of your overall goals.
  • Social media schedule if you work in advertising or post for the sake of business or personal brand growth.
  • Affirmations – are included to build personal moral.

These sections help you to work on your goals and to try and achieve as much as possible in the time that you have to achieve them in. Project planning is a vital step for any profession to ensure that sales goals are met, and to track work improvements, budgets, etc.

The Bulletproof Business planner is a 6 x 10 vegan leather-covered planner. It is durable and is perfect for daily and consistent use. Additional features include business card holder, income tracker, pen holder and more. It doesn’t matter if you are an assistant or a CEO this is the best planner for entrepreneurs.

Weekly Planners Pad

weekly planner

Hashi has brought to us the first of its kind planner pad as well as the only one on our list. The Hashi Weekly and Daily Planning Keyboard Paper Pad is a 13×4 desk or wall calendar and planner that is designed to stay constantly open to display your month and week activities for easy access.

It sports a floral design that makes it a welcome addition to anyone’s desk. Perfect for assistants to pencil in meetings easily and to have them on full display at all times. Also, it has a simple but detrimental use for any office to have.

Panda Planner

Best Planner 2019

The Panda Planner is everything you want and need but is also so much more. Life can get crazy and we sometimes lose sight of the things we have to do and the things we want to do but never fear, Panda Planner is another planner to consider. This planner is designed to help you get your life in order while adding a little positivity along the way. It is designed to empower you.

The founder of Panda Planner turned to professionals in Psychology and Neuroscience to create a planner that helped to truly get someone through procrastination and get back on track. They also put a big focus on affirmation to try and build motivation for the working individual.

Panda Planner also has six additional eBooks that you receive for free with the purchase of this diary:

  • How to crush your goals
  • The keys to a happy and productive life
  • How to cure procrastination
  • How to get back on track when you fall off the course
  • A billionaires secrets to productivity
  • How to get your shit together in under 60 minutes

Panda Planner features three sections: daily, weekly, and monthly. The Daily section will help you work on daily tasks and help you to prioritize everything accordingly. The weekly section is where you identify your mistakes and plan for the next week. It can help you access the best plan. The monthly section is to help you better yourself and push to improve every month.

Now you can plan out your life and make sure you spend every available minute to the fullest. Planning out your months, weeks, and days will make achieve more goals as well as add to the positivity of your life. You never have to feel like you have wasted time again and instead get through your workload with ease.


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