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Everyone deserves time off, everyone deserves a special treat, everyone deserves to relax and have their bodies massaged and their nerves calmed with the soothing effects of an exclusive spa treatment. Unfortunately, as much as we would all like to, we all know how expensive a frequent visit to the spa can be.

So, for those like us, with a little cash, have decided that if we can’t afford it, we can recreate it – Our own spa treatment and regimen.

In this article, we will be giving you tips on ten essentials you can buy on Amazon to get that ultimate spa feel.

Chen Mason Jar Scones LED Strip Lights

LED strip light

Before you start your spa session, you have to set the ambience. These hanging mason jars are designed to beautify any part of the home or is also essential for your bathrom. It comes with two white hydrangea sprays and is made of the highest quality materials. It beautifies your bathroom and gives you the feel of being in a professional spa. Essentially, this bathroom décor gives the illusion of lighted hydrangea flowers in your bathroom. They give a Victorian romantic aura to your bathroom space and soothe you as you indulge in your spa.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


To get your spa right, your bathroom has to smell nice and this diffuser will do that just right. Made with advanced vaporizing diffusion technology, this diffuser makes your home smell better by releasing a fragrant mist. The moisture it adds to the air will help you sleep better, alleviate dry sinuses and make you cough less. It has an automatic switch system that switches it off when the diffuser runs out of water.

This product is complete with the option of sounds or colored light illuminators to show different levels of operation, this portable diffuser helps you choose the level of fragrance you want while relaxing during your spa. For the lovers of variety and choice, it comes in 16 scents you can choose from, such as: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, tea tree and others. This is about one of the best air fresheners for home.

Dahwud Direct Natural Candlescape Set


This three-set candle holder comes with rocks and a tray. It gives an earthy feel to your bathroom décor. This innovative spa idea adds to the ambience of your space. It makes it perfect, particularly if you want to sip on some wine during your spa, it adds that romantic dinner feel to it. When you place candles in them, it illuminates your bathroom with rich tones that make you feel warm, relaxed and even sleepy. Small enough to place at the end or head of your bath tub or the side rims, it gives your home spa session a romantic affair that will do well to soothe your nerves and muscles. Getting this candlescape set is definitely one of the best home spa ideas you can add to your personal spa.

American Soft Linen Bathroom Towel Set

bathroom towels

A towel is an essential part, you simply cannot have a spa and not have a large, absorbent towel. This best seller in the fingertip bath towels category is a six-piece luxury spa towel set. The towel set includes two hand towels, two bath towels and two wash clothes. This lightweight towel surprisingly absorbs a lot of moisture for its weight. These towels are made from natural materials and are non-synthetic. Made from genuine cotton, it is soft, absorbent, easy to wash and machine friendly. They add an elegant touch to your bathroom and your spa kit.

Simplicity Luxurious Kimono Bathrobe


What’s a spa without a bathrobe? A shower, basically! So, Simplicity simply created this ultra-soft, long-sleeved bathrobe that comes with pockets, so superbly styled that it can be used by both men and women. This comfortable robe is made with a thick layer of microfiber and comes with a waist belt and double belt loops. It comes in different colors and will keep you warm. This bathrobe is so beautiful, you will want to sit down and lounge in it all day long.          

Epsoak Epsom Salt

epsom salt

This 19-pound bag of Epsom salt is like a value pack that saves you money and makes your skin glow. Magnesium is important to the skin because it’s known to ease stress, boost concentration, improve sleep and aid muscle activity. The salt also contains detoxifying crystals that help to flush toxins and form joint proteins. The combination of these two helps to soothe muscle pain, relieves foot ache and cleans skin pores. This is perfect for your body soak and is one recommended item when you draw your bath.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

aztec indian clay

It is no surprise that this healing clay is an Amazon best seller. It’s made with 100% natural calcium clay enriched with bentonite. Aztec’s powerful face mask goes deep into the pores of the face and removes layers of clogged up dirt. This Indian secret is absolutely amazing. It helps clear pimples and spots. True to what they say on its container, when you apply this face mask you will feel your face pulsate and tighten. It works great for oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.

A secret tip though, if you have sensitive skin you can mix the mask with ordinary water instead of apple cider vinegar that other skin types can use to mix theirs. Some users have supported its active claims but complained that it left their skin a little red. The solution to this is to adhere to the time allotted for the cakey mask to stay on the face for each different types of skin.

Tru Skin Vitamin C Serum

vitamin serum

After the mask, comes the moisturizing task! If you’ve ever used any Tru Skin product before you will know that one thing they take seriously is making skin-friendly products. This serum is plant based and is a rich blend of ingredients that contain Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. Tru Skin blends in Jojoba oil, witch hazel, organic kotu kola, aloe vera and other ingredients that give you clearer, revitalized and younger-looking skin.

This skin serum has been proven to clear sun spots, black spots and gives all round brighter skin. It works great for oily and even acne-prone skin and takes at most 2 weeks for you to start seeing results. If you’re skeptical at all, the Tru Skin company gives you a 3-month refundable period if you discover that the serum doesn’t work for you. They’re that confident in its effectiveness!

Matcha Green Tea Body Scrub

Tes scrub

If you’re that person that has always wanted to drink green tea because of its healing properties, but you always find yourself grabbing a cup of coffee, here’s good news for you! You can add it to your home spa regimen. The Matcha Green Tea Scrub is a product that will leave your skin nourished, exfoliated and smooth. This body scrub can be used by both men and women. It is suitable for all skin types and all genders.

For people with oily skin, it prevents build up of excess oil and sebum. It is an exquisite mix of dead sea salt, raw sugarcane, almond oil, basil oil, pear extract, grapeseed oil, argan oil and so many skin healing beauties created by mother nature. They absolutely guarantee you that this product was not tested on animals and is vegan friendly. This body scrub leaves you smelling fresh the entire day and is a great buy.

Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool

self massage

This self massage tool is the icing on the cake for your home spa setup. It is the miracle doctor you didn’t know you needed. It’s a one of a kind massager that is unrivalled in efficiency and uniqueness. This lightweight tool treats any muscle effectively. The uniquely S-shaped instrument provides 11 therapy knobs that reach any and all parts of your body. It is recommended by health experts for treating and managing pain by adopting techniques such as: myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage.

Really, setting up your own home spa isn’t as hard as you think and Amazon certainly has products that answer your questions. So, instead of spending money to go to a professional spa, you can take care of yourself at home. Stay fresh and glowing, always, at half the price!

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