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In this modern world, we live in, owning a home is not an easy task. The world is an expensive place, something that should not come as a shock.  Those who do manage to afford this pricey living situation are the lucky ones. Regardless of owning or renting a home, apartment, loft, condo or mansion, we all want to make it feel like a home. Here, we present the best home accents and décor ideas for 2019.

A warm environment, something inviting that speaks about the kind of person you are. You would think this is a pricey affair and believe that it can very well be. However, if you are resourceful and do not buy on impulse, you will find deals around that are fitting your budget without sacrificing on aesthetic or most importantly, quality.

Buying items for your home can always be an enjoyable experience. It is the time when you get to take who you are and express it in your very own home. Consider the things you want in your home and shop accordingly. It does not matter if you are looking for decorative pillows, metal signs, blankets, curtains, a home is made up of many small things which all contribute to the overall feeling.

A house is a home, but it is only a home because of the people who live in it and how they make their home feel for anyone who enters it. We are going to explore ten of those affordable and unique home accents which all fall under the $15 budget! Get ready to make your house that much more of a home.

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PiLife 3’ Mini Non-ticking Vintage Analog Alarm Clock

PiLife 3’s unique alarm clock harkens back to a time when with its vintage look and its pastel color choices (Mint Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, or Black). This alarm clock knows no limitation on placement, whether it be next to your bed or in your living room, this clock will feel right at home.

However, this clock is not like your regular alarm clocks though, it does not make that bothersome ticking noise, which is quite a relief. In other words, this is something that sets it apart from other analogue clocks. Never again worry about the silence being ruined by the sound of an annoying ticking clock! However, it does feature a very loud bell, that can wake even the heaviest sleeper as well as the people in the house over.

The alarm clock features a backlight and is also easy to view in any type of lighting. This is the perfect item for your home as it displays a vintage aesthetic but is not big enough to draw unnecessary attention to it.

Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister

Prepara presents the Evak Fresh Saver. As the name suggests, it keeps things absolutely fresh in a canister that is 100% airtight. This canister comes in five different sizes each priced accordingly and all under budget. This home décor idea adds to the ideal theme of a person who believes their kitchen is the heart of their humble abode.

You can use the airtight canister to keep coffee beans fresh or even pasta on display. You can also use it to complement your kitchen style or add a touch of effortless class to it. This product is dishwasher safe and has a long lifespan provided effective maintenance. Moreover, it is an award-winning product, having taken home four international awards for its functionality as well as cosmetic design. This is a home accent that looks good on display but also provides a useful function. Who would say no to such an item?

Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror

This stunning mirror should be in every home around the world. The Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror is not only beautiful but also very affordable. In the shape of an octagon, this mirror hangs suspended in stunning macramé. The light design is perfect for homes with a light and floral feeling to them as it exudes a free nature to it. It is designed such that the mirror is encapsulated in the cotton rope and a metal ring which is used to hang it on the wall.

This minimalistic design helps not only make it eye-catching but also easy to fit in with other furniture. It is just one of those modern home décor accents that everybody should have. You will find yourself looking at the mirror more than looking in it. It truly is eye-catching. Home décor trends come and go, but we think this mirror will never go out of style!

VIVIMONKEY Hanging Organizer

Sometimes we lose everything, not just our minds, but also our phones, keys, keys, oh wait I said that already. The point being, imagine a place where all things could be in one place. Never to be lost again. The Vivimonkey Hanging Organizer has you covered! It has pothooks and 12 pockets of different sizes all stitched to make a giant storage unit which hangs anywhere you want it to!

This product comes in handy with keeping things such as toiletries in the shower or even small cooking utensils in the kitchen. Made with linen cotton and a sturdy wooden stick this unit is ready to make your life a whole lot easier. Never has keeping everything in one place looked this good!

Simple&Opulence Throw Blanket

Do you remember being a kid and living with your parents? Do you remember the things that were there for decoration but never to be used? Blankets on the couch, or towels in the bathroom. Well now you are an adult and you need things of your own that nobody else can use.

This throw blanket is the perfect throw blanket to be used purely for decoration. It comes in either grey, purple, blue, pink or crème. It is made of 100% polyester and provides a warmth you will never know because it isn’t to be touched!

Importantly, the blanket is machine washable, using cold water and can be tumble dried. It is light, anti-static and breathable. Don’t let its beautiful appearance manipulate you into using it. If you are cold, you will freeze before you use the throw! Why? Mom’s rules, not ours.

At this point you are realizing that all home décor ideas stem from your mothers and the things you didn’t understand as a child.

MIULEE Decorative Square Throw Pillow Cover

Welcome to being a grown-up, we know it sucks. Now that you are an adult you need to do what adults do! Such as going out to get way more throw cushions than necessary. No home is complete without decorative pillows. With throw cushions, comes cushion covers.

MIULEE offers a pack of two covers at in three sizes –  12”x20”, 16”x16”, or 18”x18”. They are made of the best quality velvet and come in your choice of twenty-seven colors. The zip is cleverly hidden so as not to draw any attention to them. The covers also are easy to wash and the material is safe for children and pets.

Think of how your home can be decorated with these beautiful cushion covers. The color can be carefully matched with the color scheme of your furniture as well as your home in general.

Tea Caddy

Tea is a way of life for some. Now that you have your home, you may want to invite people over for tea and coffee. It is only logical then to get yourself a beautiful tea caddy. You need to store the tea somewhere so why not make it in something that fits the contents of the container. This tin is covered in beautiful designs of different teapots and teacups of different shapes and sizes. It is the perfect thing for any kitchen that is going for a colorful or rustic/retro feel to it.

Don’t feel pressured to fill this tin with tea, however because what goes in the tin is entirely up to you! Coffee, biscuits, or candies, it doesn’t matter this tin can handle it.

Ceramic Plant Pots – Set of 3

Sometimes, people forget about one of the most important things to give homes a bit of life, plants. Plants really do have power on the mind’s perception of any environment. Forget the effect of cheap throw pillows and consider how powerful greenery can be. T4U offers a great deal of getting three ceramic pots. These pots are small and perfect to be used on plants like cactus’, herbs and more.

Think of your window sills being adorned with flowers and other plants to provide something more to the other modern home decor accents. It will not only make the place look better but it will calm you and your friends or family that visit as well. Plus, you earn a hobby in the form of gardening, on a smaller scale that is. There is no reason not to consider.

Strum Wall Organizer Brass

Many people are going for more contemporary home décor trends these days with a focus on lighter spaces. These modern focuses on home décor trends bring us to the Strum Wall Organizer. The Organizer has been made from brass, by Umbra. Also, this beautiful and sturdy metal shelf can mount in three different directions and can hold up to 10 lbs. Similarly, the lines and its corners are clean and are not only affordable but also stylish and practical.

Hence, it can be used where ever it is needed. Set it up in the kitchen to hold your cooking books, in the bathroom for magazines, or in the office for stationary, this shelf can blend in any corner of the house. Its simple design means it is unlikely to clash with other modern home décor accents.

New Deco Metal Tin Signs

On the other end of the spectrum, we get people trying to achieve a rustic and vintage aesthetic to their homes. This can be perfectly utilized with the New Deco Metal Tin Sign series. They offer a wide variety of options to suit your home. This home decor item has been made from a high-quality metal, the color on these tin signs may last for approximately ten years.

Also, they are easy to hang on your wall with holes in the corners for string or nails. Their retro design makes them a must-have for any home attempting to achieve that vintage vibe. Some messages that are on these signs include – welcome, bar, coffee, motel, open, one way and exit signs.

Final Thoughts-Home Accents and Decor

There you have it. The top 10 home accents under $15 on Amazon. These products are easy to get and are great additions to any home. It is important to understand what style you are trying to achieve, that way you can avoid conflicting styles. There are so many simple things that can be done to any home to make it more inviting and relaxing.

Firstly, your home is an extension of who you are. Secondly, it is a place you come to after work, a place you wake up in. Therefore, it is important that you make the space in which you live something that makes you happy.

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