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When we travel to any part of the world, we need a series of things that we have to carry with us. Well, for starters – money. Beyond money, there are other things that could make our lives so much better when we are away from home. There are things to consider when traveling, where you will be staying, security, accommodation, activities, and more! You are a traveler who needs to be well prepared. Here We are going to break down nine of the most important things travel accessories you should take with you on your future trips.

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WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

espresso maker

This is easily one of the most intriguing inventions on the market for anybody looking to travel around the world. Coffee is something some people struggle to live without. It becomes a part of our routine and something we need in order to brave the day. Imagine being in the middle of the forest, or on a deserted island where coffee is not served!

With the Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker, no matter where you are coffee is ready to be served. The Nanopresso is one of the best possible travel gifts around. Equipped with a patented pumping system, this product doesn’t need electricity or battery to function. All it needs is some pressure and voila, a delicious cup of espresso is ready. It can hold up to 80ml of water. Available in four color options: black, orange, red, and yellow.

TP-Link 20100mAh Fast Charge Power Bank

power bank

Camping… I mean, it can be fun sure, but what about your phone? Eventually its battery will run out of juice. Batteries, they tend to do that. Camping should not be about technology but let’s get real, we can’t live without our phones. So, this power bank is just what you need! TP-LINK knows the struggle and is here to help with their 3A high-speed universal charger. It charges your device nearly 65% faster than other chargers and is safe as can be. On top of it all, it is compact and can go with you anywhere.

That is right, this small device can identify the connected devices to charge them quickly as well as safely. It carries nearly 30% more capacity than regular chargers thanks to a higher power density. TP-LINK uses LG Li-ion batteries which are superior quality, dependable and feature a longer life span all while having a higher power density. The charger ticks all the right boxes and goes over and above anything you had in mind.

Luggage Locks

luggage locks

Often, tourists are soft targets for criminals who intend to rob them of their valuables. So, why not take precautionary measures and get yourself some luggage locks before you get started on your travel. Also, Fosmon offers a great value-for-money set of four luggage locks that are in four different colors: black, white, blue, and pink.

These locks are easy to open – by using a 3-number pin which you manually get by moving the number sliders to show the correct numbers. The locks are made of zinc which can withstand tough baggage handling. What makes these luggage locks even better is that they are not an item you won’t use again. Going to gym? Now you have got a lock for your bag and the locker. These locks are meant for more than just a week-long trip away!

Snorkeling Kit

snorkeling kit

Going away somewhere tropical? No vacation that includes a beach, is complete without a snorkeling kit. Enjoy the beautiful, exotic nature of the underwater world – the coral reefs, the fish, the everything! This snorkeling kit from SNORKELSTAR features a 180-degree polycarbonate lens snorkeling mask. It provides you with more room to view the vast underwater wildlife and vegetation letting you fully take it all in. The snorkel has also been improved with a separated breathing chamber that provides consistent airflow allowing for easy breathing without an intrusive mouth piece.

Want to take the Go Pro with? The SNORKELSTAR comes with a fitted Go Pro mount on top of the head, which enables you to capture meaningful videos or pictures of your experiences under water. Now you can capture memories that will last a lifetime without having to worry about holding a camera. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about swallowing a mouthful of salty sea water thanks to a 1-way valve which assists in preventing that from happening.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

water filter

So, imagine walking through a jungle or forest and you run out of water. There is a solution that is possibly one of the smartest inventions around, the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw is a small device that is a straw with a genius twist. It acts as a filtration device on the go, removing parasites and bacteria from water. It removes 99.999999% of the waterborne bacteria such as but not limited to E. coli and salmonella, and 99.999999% waterborne parasites; cryptosporidium, giardia, and more.

LifeStraw is a life-saving device that can prevent many possible diseases being contracted from natural water sources. Microplastics are also no problem for the LifeStraw, as they are omitted from the water down to 1 micron. Provided you properly maintain this straw, you can filtrate up to 4000 liters of water! How amazingly cool and useful is that?!

RFID Blocking Mens Wallet

travel accessories

Travelling can be so incredibly fun. The beautiful locations, the stunning architecture and all the local food and more. At the same time, however, being a tourist means you are at high risk of potential theft. You can protect all your banking cards, driving license, ID card and more! Protect your digital identity with this powerful RFID protection wallet by Leopardd.

All the wallets are tested and approved for the highest military grade blocking and scanning. Made of genuine leather, the wallet will not only stand the test of time, protect your identity, but also look good while doing this and more. The wallet features a super thin, anti-scan metal, that is embedded in the leather. It has a window for your ID card to be on display as well as additional six card slots. On either side, there are two slots that can be use for cards, or coins.

Clever Travel Companion Unisex-adult Tank Top

tank top

This is going to seem so ridiculous that it could not possibly be true – only, it is! You might be wondering why we are recommending a unisex vest. Simple. The vest itself has two secret pockets on it. The art of pickpocketing is a common one and anybody can be the next target. It can happen in a matter of moments and feel almost as if nothing happened at all. This vest is a method of prevention against such things from happening. It is comfortable and made of 100% cotton and on both sides features a pocket.

This pocket is small but big enough to hold important things like your passport, ID, credit cards, cash, and other small items. The only person who will know it is there is you. It features a zipper to keep the contents secure. Enjoy a walk around the town with peace of mind knowing that you are guarded against possible theft. This vest comes in a few color choices as well as different and accommodating sizes.

Travel Adapter

travel adapter

When electricity was conducted for the first time, it was decided that the world would all have a different plug point. “Who wants to be universal when it comes to a plug?”, they said. Well, thanks to this genius idea we can go on vacation and when there realize our electronic devices have no way of being charged. Great. Well, not anymore! Introducing the UPPEL Universal Travel Charger. It works in over 150 countries and is compatible with the different plugs that they require. Some countries include:

  • United States
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • China
  • France
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Spain

The charger has been certified and has FCC, CE and RoHS certifications. It also has protection against exposed live parts, overheating, short circuits, and overcurrent. Feel free to use it for things such as hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, and other small high-powered electronics. Hence, never again will you travel around and be left stranded with no way to charge your devices.

Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bag

travel makeup bag

New country, new me, in terms of looks, I mean. Stylish pictures to upload on social media, capturing the hearts of the locals with your beauty, or just to simply have a good time. Regardless of the reason, women love to apply makeup and what better excuse to indulge in some new shades and looks than when on vacation.

The Mr. Pro Waterproof Travel Makeup Cosmetics Bag is the best possible accessory to keep you company on your next vacation out of town. Firstly, it has a variety of pockets, ranging from small to large for added convenience. Secondly, it can serve you and your countless makeup needs making it easy to take your products with you. Thirdly, it is made of premium polyester fiber, this durable cosmetics bag features a sturdy hanging hook, PVC backing, and quality zipper. Finally, Mr. Pro has even added in another layer of thick cotton inside the bag to prevent from damage to the inside in the event that the bag accidently falls down. More so, the makeup bag is water-resistant and even better, odor-free!

AmazonBasics RFID Travel Organizer

RFID Travel organizer

Last but not the least, is another important item, the travel organizer. Keep everything in one place, all organized and secured. What can be more important on a holiday, than the documents that got you there in the first place. Your passport, tickets, money, ID, etc. are vital to you not only there but at home too.

Amazon’s RFID Travel Organizer is a great means to achieve both organized documents while also keeping them safe. The Travel organizer features RFID in its 100% nylon closure. It features a sturdy zip to keep everything locked inside and even has a pocket for coins meaning it can double as a wallet for vacations. It has card holders for your membership, credit and/or business cards. On the side, there is an additional pocket for any quick access items.

There you have it some of the best products for you to be able to enjoy on your holiday. Be safe, guard against the sun and thieves, and enjoy yourself as you enjoy this wonderful and beautiful world, we live in. If you are one of those who is curious to know what travel related stuff they put into the 2019’s Oscar swag bag.


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