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Are you tired of your old suitcase or just looking for something new with more room to contain your luggage on the next trip out of the city? Whatever the case might be, we have you covered with ten of the best luggage sets available online.

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Coolife Expandable 3-Piece Suitcase Set

expandable suitcase

Honestly, if you’re looking for good quality luggage sets, Coolife is easily the best brand out there. This uniquely designed luggage set has a Matrix-type look to it. It is made in small, medium, and large sizes, giving this set a sure value for your money. It has a TSA combination lock that helps keep your luggage safe, no matter where they are or what security check they go through. The luggage set is decked with 360-degree, rotational spinner wheels, it makes mobility an easy task. It comes complete with inner chambers and compression straps that assist with neatly dividing, trapping, and storing your luggage.

This luggage set has an adjustable three-level telescoping handle, for easy maneuvering. Its durability is certain because it is made of extra strong ABS material, complete with strong zippers. This luggage set is perfect for the constant traveler, light traveler, as well as a heavy traveler. It’s also great for short trips, packing your luggage to college, long distance trips, as well as extreme weather wear-and-tear travel. Honestly, the only downside to this set is the fact that it is so roomy and can take so much luggage that you can exceed weight limits! This set definitely provides great value for your money.

US Traveler New Yorker 4-Piece Luggage Set

Luggage set

This lightweight luggage set is a family favorite. US Traveler is made of tear-resistant material, this luggage set is durable, lightweight, and extremely fashionable. A clean tailored, shiny fabric, and EVA foam front panel gives this luggage set an attractive visual appeal. It has an interior that is laced with grey lining and has inner straps and double shoe pockets. This gives it sufficient room space to take as much load as its size capacity. The luggage set is absolutely easy to handle. It comes with an add-a-bag strap that is absolutely adjustable with dual top and side handles.

This trendy wonder comes with retractable skate wheels that are controlled by a push button handle system for ease of mobility. One of the uniqueness of this luggage set is the fact that it comes in different sizes: large, medium, small. Also, it comes with a luggage bag sizeable enough to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment. This lightweight suitcase is perfect for all your travel purposes particularly with the wide range of luggage size range it provides. They are also easy to store as they conveniently fit into each other.

Coolife 3-Piece Luggage Set

luggage set

This luggage set can only be described in one word: Amazing! If you want a heavy-duty set which is light in weight and fashionable, you’re welcome to meet the Coolife luggage set. This three-piece set includes 28-, 24-, and 20-inch sizes and can be stored into each other for ease of storage and convenience. Coolife is made with an irregular unique design, this luggage set will remind you of your favorite sports car. It is graciously decked with four double spinner wheels that ensure ease of mobility and stability. Also, its aluminum telescoping handle will give you a firm grip on your luggage set.

The durability of this luggage set is uncompromised as is usual for every Coolife product. This one in particular boasts of an ABS/PC hard shell material make and a TSA superior combination lock, durable zippers and zipper closure that together make your luggage hard to tamper with! The set is totally storage friendly and fits perfectly into each other and saves you a ton of space when they’re not in use. The Coolife luggage set is perfect for both men and women and is absolutely worth every dime you spend on it!

Samsonite Omni 3-Piece Luggage Set

samsonite luggage set

This luggage set has a unique micro-diamond texture that makes the exterior resistant to scratches, color stains, and scuffs. The Samsonite Omni is a three-piece luggage set made with 100% polycarbonate material which ensures the long-lasting chic look of your luggage set. Its 360-degree spinner wheels cut corners and give you little to no problem as far as mobility is concerned.

The Samsonite luggage set ensures the safety of your luggage with its unique TSA combination lock design. So, whether you’re boarding your flight, wheeling to your car, or climbing a flight of stairs, your Samsonite set has got you covered. This luggage set offers great value for money.

American Tourister Luggage Set

American tourister luggage

This luggage set will definitely add a pop of color to your travel look. The luggage set is perfect for travel, and getaways-the set is your go-to at all times. American Tourister luggage set is made with 100% polyester, spinner wheels that go in basically any direction. Also, it is decked with a padded top and side carrier handles, this set cares about your comfort. The American Tourister luggage set is perfect for all those who like to travel heavy. And also usually stash every possible pocket of the luggage with an item.

This luggage set comes with numerous side pockets which makes last-minute packing a breeze, while also keeping your items organized. The product is available in a unique Moroccan blue color, this is an easy choice of bag for travel while still hitting all the right fashion points. It is crafted with a carefully lined interior that is expandable in nature, you just can’t go wrong with this American Tourister set.

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Luggage

Coolife luggage set

This Amazon choice in travel bags is perfect for the traveler who doesn’t need too many bags or doesn’t have a lot of travel load. This single-piece luggage item is made of durable material and is lightweight even though it can support a lot of weight. This suitcase is your typical hard-plastic shell suitcase. It comes with noiseless wheels and three-option, all-level telescoping handle. Hence, it makes mobility easy, particularly in tight spaces and corners.

This travel set comes with a TSA lock, telescopic handles that adjust to different level heights when you roll the suitcase. Also, it is a delicately lined interior with straps that help to keep your luggage intact. This essentially makes storing your clothes an easy procedure.

American Tourister Fieldbrook

American tourister

American Tourister offers you a chic luggage set that is insanely affordable and suits all your travel needs. This luggage set combines class, durability, and design all in one. The set includes a 21-inch upright carry-on, 25-inch upright checked bag, and a boarding bag. This travel combo is made with inline skate wheels that are constructed with properties that minimize frictional resistance and enable smooth rolling. It is a family choice luggage set with push-button locking handle which makes it easy to handle, even by kids.

Caribbean Joe Castaway 4-Piece Luggage Set

Caribbean joe luggage set

This is so not your average run of the mill luggage set. This set features 3 different sizes of suitcases and a tote bag, this is an ideal luggage set for the entire family. It comes complete with a telescopic push handle, with 360-degree rotational spinner wheels, and a lot of inner room capacity. Caribbean Joe set comes with a lovely visual appeal, high-quality construction, and durability. This Joe product is a must-have for long-distance travels, vacations, and lots more. One great tip about this particular brand is that they are quite easy to spot in a crowded airport due to its unique design and color!


luggage set

If you find the name of this luggage brand hard to pronounce, then so are its bad qualities: hard to find! This suitcase set comprises three sizes – 28, 24 and 20 inches, which are a fashionable asset to your travel ramblings. This difficult to pronounce luggage set brand is pleasant to the eye and durable in quality. The luggage set runs on four multidirectional wheels that are noiseless in their design, and made to glide effortlessly. Your comfort is the priority of this product brand. Because, the set is designed with both top and side carrying handles for ease and comfort.

This luggage set have been made with a glossy face that is endearing to look at, extra strong material to give it undisputed long-lasting features. In addition, this bag completes your travel dreams with an interior that is fully lined. Also, it has functional crossed ribbons to ensure your clothes stay neatly stacked inside. It also features an anti-theft TSA combination lock to ward off thieves, and comes complete with a resettable code. This luggage set goes easy on your storage space when not in use, as it can be neatly stacked into each other.

Kenneth Cole Reaction 3-Piece Luggage Set

kenneth cole luggage set

This three-piece luggage set takes the words roomy and spacious, quite seriously. If this luggage set doesn’t solve your bigger travelling bag problems, then we don’t know what will. The luggage set is available in 12 different colors. Additionally, this set seeks to meet the fashion standards of even the choicest traveler. This Kenneth Cole set is made to last and provide value for money. This luggage set is made with reinforcements to resist maximum impact and this protects it from dents, and leaks. It is decked with a fully lined and spacious interior, restraining straps to keep your luggage in place. Also, it is uniquely designed plastic bottom that allows the suitcase to stand fully on its own without toppling over.

This luggage set is built for the traveler on the go. Its four multi directional spinner wheels enable to move faster and without constraint. It is also decked with a zipper pocket on its lid, top, and side handles for easy lifting and control, and a retractable lock handle system. This luggage set on wheels is a great buy!

As always, Amazon has a list of amazing products to meet your every need. Whether you want to get it for your family members, friends, or for yourself, the listed luggage sets are absolutely worth the effort and should be part of your top 10 travel accessories.

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