This list is going to be the top 10 best of the best list for the year 2019. Here we bring to you some really cool and interesting gadgets from Amazon that are under $50. We hope that you find these gadgets exciting and useful like we do. We have chosen these products researching extensively for their quality, design and price.

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand

monitor stand

What is cool about this monitor stand is that it has a built-in USB hub as well as a headphone jack and a microphone jack. You just plug it right into the device itself with the built in USBs. You can also transfer data into a flash drive, a hard drive, a mouse, anything like that. Obviously it is called a monitor riser. But you can use with pretty much anything you want-from a monitor, maybe a laptop. Anything upto 22 pounds.

We think it’s a must have item for those who are looking to get organized because this can really help cut down the Clutter on your desktop. Plus, you can just tuck away your mouse and keyboard underneath, store some books under maybe, because now you have the added elevation. This comes under $40, in both black and white color options to match to your desk setup. We also recommend this as a great pickup to your gaming setup.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

LED desk lamp

TaoTronics brings you a great led desk lamp with built-in USBS and wireless charging and a stunning adjustable design. As you head back from holidays to work or studying, this is a great addition to your back to school regime. It can also serve as your nightstand, stay in your dorm room.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the built-in features. The neck of the lamp has a folding design at different angles and the base is going to give you your lighting options, your on and off buttons, five brightness levels and the mode to any one of 3 color temperatures. It will also have the fade out feature buttons as you can see that they’re going to automatically shut the light off after that time.

The lamp also has the option of no flicker, no glare, soft and delicate light options, which create a comfortable reading experience for your eyes. But what is really cool in the base of the lamp is the wireless charging area. You can sit your phone down on the lamp and it is going to charge can definitely be called a little bonus.

If you don’t want to use the wireless charging, there is a USB port that you can just plug it in and charge. For $40, this is definitely a popular item to buy for your home usage.

Anker PowerCore Fusion

power bank

One of the highest selling items in our list is the Anker powercore Fusion 5000. It is a battery bank but also a home charging hub-all rolled in one. The 5000 in the name means you have 5,000 milliamp hours built in to this device. It should I give you at least one to full charge with most phones. It comes in red, white and black color.

Anchor has a built-in power IQ technology, which allows you to charge your phone as fast as it is possibly capable of. We just admire how it’s nice and compact and versatile for charging your phone at home. And if you go out, you can bring it with you on the go and it acts like a battery bank. Definitely ideal for a day trip. You can pick this up for only $30.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

alarm clock

We have this Sunrise alarm clock, which is much more than just your standard clock. First off, the clock itself has a nice mood lamp surrounding it and you could paint the color of that. There is an awesome built-in like rainbow way breathing affects for the RGB lovers out there. You can also adjust the brightness as well and pinpoint a specific color for it to be, which is going to enhance the look of your nightstand.

But one cool feature, that we particularly like is the sunrise and sunset feature, which is how it gets its name. Half an hour before your alarm clock is set to go off, the clock is slowly going to emulate the lighting of a sunrise. The moon lamp starts out dim, then gets much brighter like the sun. This kind of helps your body start to naturally awaken. The same feature but in reverse occurs for the sunset, which is going to fade the lamp out at night.

But the clock itself works as you’d expect. It has your buttons on top for changing the brightness, dimming your volume buttons, the regular snooze button. You can turn the radio on and off because there is a built-in FM radio. It also has some touch sensitive buttons on the face of the clock. It is going to be for your alarm, changing the time, adjusting the brightness and colors with these buttons as well.

For just $20, there’s a lot going on here and we think it would make a great little gift. It has the sunrise feature, and makes the clock stand out from the ordinary ones.

Syba Sonic USB

Cool Gadgets

We have owned a few headphones such as V-Moda, Audio-Technica for a few years now and know the benefits of listening through a DAC and amplifier and decided to use this small piece of equipment. This highly exceeded our expectations.

For those of you who might are using your PC or laptop’s on board audio quality and are not happy with their quality, you might want to try this if you want to have a major boost. Just plug this in and you’ll be thrilled! No drivers needed, it’s just plug and go. This over all enhances the quality of your audio, giving you volume control and a boost at the same time.

Having that volume wheel at the top is going to be great for making quick and easy adjustments, or you can go to your PC’s volume settings on the toolbar. Or if you don’t have a volume wheel on your keyboard, this will help you out.

To connect- you need to have your mini USB port, your coaxial to optical jack for digital audio out, plus your left and right line output for RCA cables, which means you can plug this into any speakers for something and use it with that. Then on the fron you have your quarter inch jack, a 3.5mm jack for headphones and the microphones and an additional line out jack.

But on the left side, you can spot a little lever, which is going to give you that audio quality for boost. The bass boost setting is an added bonus and really gives a nice little punch while listening to hip hop and you can really hear the little nuances and sounds, if that’s your thing.

Gaming, watching movies, listening to music, this will be much better than your standard stock audio experience. It is an absolute killer addition to your set up for only 40 bucks.

Headphone Stand with USB Charger

USB Charger

This one is an under desk headphone hanger and USB charging dock. Another nifty setup gadget. It lets you hang two headphones and also charges three devices at the same time with the built in USB hub. Just stick this under your desk with a 3M Adhesive. Then even if you use two of your heaviest headphones, it would hold up just fine. You then plug it into the wall and power to charge your devices and you’re good to go.

Inside the box, there is also a cable mounting gear included if you want to neatly wrought your cables. If you have just one pair of headphones, you can even use the groves in the other side of the hanger to hold cable and such. To keep everything under your arm’s reach! This cool little hanger is just $25.

Juvtmall TFT LCD Display

Cool gadgets

On great addition to your desk is this prism. We think it’s like one of the coolest things for the price and this is a 5 inch mini LCD screen. You can use with anything over HDMI and is only powered by USB cable. These are meant to be used as a screen for Raspberry Pi or Arduino kit. But, if you think outside the box, this can be used as a secondary display for your PC or a laptop or really anything.

As soon as you plug it into your display settings, you can arrange it wherever you want, to go along with your setup-whether it is duplicating your monitor or having it as a second display. What you can do is to is put it inside your PC, you have a temper glass side panel. To show off your temps frame rates, PC usage, anything like that with a particular program you may use.

Or, throw up your twitter feed or watch YouTube videos and you can use it for anything that your creative ability allows you. Since this is HDMI, you might want to plug it into your Xbox or PS4. But obviously you can’t!

Inside the box, it comes with a mounting gear, if you want to pick up like a frame or a case for this. There is even stylus inside the box. Why you ask? Because it has a touch screen. But only a touch screen if you use it with a Raspberry Pi. The only real drawback is that it is 480 by 800 resolution. But looking inside this 5 inch screen, it looks more awesome to us.

We have no complaints on our end whatsoever. For only 35 bucks and to have such whatever you can do features, this is an amazing deal. The creative ones out there can really appreciate this one.

HEYNOW H18 Multifunctional

wireless keyboard

This is a 5 and 1/2 inch Wireless touchpad remote and keyboard. You can navigate through menus on your smart TV or home theater, PC, Xbox, PS4- anything with this remote. And it is both a touch screen and a keyboard built-in on the front with toggle between the mode. And that’s plug-and-play- so you plug in the USB receiver and then you said to go.

As for the buttons on the right side, there is a volume rocker, a power switch. On the bottom, you have your left and right, mouse clicks in the middle, the silver button on the right being your mode to switch from touchpad to your keyboard. All very simple. And it is backless. You will have no issues at night or in dark additions. We do have a plug-in to our LG TV because that’s just where it is most useful. Specially when browsing through apps like HBO or Netflix.

It is always a pain to manually type in but here with a regular keyboard makes it a breeze. And since there is a touchpad here, there are built-in gestures, you can use. Including your left and right mouse clicks, you could scroll with two fingers, pinch to zoom in and out. Even if you want to use this on your PC. Or use three fingers to swipe between your windows in your dad’s house.

Also, it is pretty similar to gestures on an iPad. We personally just choose to use it with the TV since it saves a lot of times and is really convenient. And it is only $20!

YMDK Keyboard Keycaps


The YMDK double-shot shine through keycaps are also known as putting keycaps. With the RGB keyboards, if you have RGB built-in, it’s going to make it just look crazy since it really enhances the look. It can be used for most Cherry MX Gateron MX Kailh MX mechanical keyboard and hence has wide compatibility.

And, inside the Box you get a full set, so depending whether you have a 60% keyboard or a 104 or anything like that, you should be fine. We have it on the Corsair k95 platinum and it just looks crazy. Do keep in mind that with razor and Corsair keyboards, the bottom row is not standard.

So everything but like three keys will fit. This set was like $23 and is definitely a really crazy looking keycap set to make your keyboard and your desktop look better.

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse

The last item on the list is a cool Logitech G 502. This is by far our most favorite gaming mouse of all time. It has an advanced 12000 DPI optical gaming sensor. With 16.8 million color to choose from, RGB lighting, easy-to-program Logitech gaming software. It has 11 programmable buttons and adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel for fast, accurate maneuvers. It also has interchangeable weights, ergonomic design and a very responsive USB report rate of 1000 Hz (1ms).

The design works with any grip style while we feel that look is professional and minimalistic. The Pixart PMW3366 Sensor is the best sensor in the market today. It tracks pixel to pixel movements at high and low DPI. The best part is that once you setup your mouse, you can uninstall the software. Since it has inbuilt memory to remember your settings. We absolutely recommend this one for professional as well as gaming usage.

There you have it! Our best recommendation for the top 10 Cool Gadgets under $50 that you can find on Amazon.


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