With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to find the perfect gift for your lady. Check out the top gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Gents. Your wonderful partner is probably preparing the perfect gift for you. On the one hand, she possibly expects you to put next to no effort into her gift or to simply forget altogether. However, on the other hand, she is optimistic, or hopeful at
the least, that you are going to exceed expectations.

Shopping for your lady can be a tricky thing. Why? Well, think about it. No. Really think about it. Your gifts can trigger the wrong reaction and with that in mind, you need to be careful when navigating the landscape of possible gifts. Your gifts can expose a relationship’s fatal flaws. How much do you care? How well do you know her? This is not a drill; the pressure is on and you need to bring your A-game. You need to make it your mission to find the best Valentine’s Day gift for her!

  • Try and understand things your girlfriend or wife possibly wants.
  • Think whether the item you have in mind is appropriate as a gift or not. Maybe your household needs new cooking or cleaning products. However, if those are your gift ideas for her and you believe they are appropriate, you might as well pack your bags now.
  • Avoid things that you do not understand enough about such as make-up or other beauty products. Unless, however, you specifically know what your girlfriend wants.

We are going to breakdown 10 gift ideas for her that are sure to win her heart.

Jumbo Wine Glass

valentines day gifts

Sometimes bigger is better. After a long and taxing day, most people like to sit back and enjoy a drink or two. Who are we kidding, three, who’s to judge? Some stand by the ‘just one’ drink as best they can, but sometimes, they ultimately fail. It is time for those people to enjoy the big betty. The wine glass to end all wine glasses before it.

This wine glass, known as the ‘Big Betty’, can handle a full bottle of wine. Yes, that is correct, 750ml of wine. No need to thank Betty, she has got your back. Yes, you may ask the question ‘why would you need a big wine glass?’ The real question though is ‘why not?’ Think of all the benefits; no need to get another glass, red or white wine this glass can take it. Best of all you are sticking to the one drink rule! This glass is also easy to clean; recommended hand wash as well as an air dry.

Enjoy a drink! Betty doesn’t judge.

Jot & Mark Recipe Card – Complete Gift Box

valentines day gifts for her

Does your lady love to cook? Well, why not give her a place to put her recipes where they will be safe. The little decorative tin box is designed to keep your recipes safe and secure in its laminated dividers. During the holidays and messy cooking situations, you can now avoid staining the recipes she has so eagerly kept safe.

Not only is the tin practical it also looks great! Complete with 50 recipe cards, this gift box offers you with enough space to record some of your best and favorites recipes.

Gift box contains:

  • 50 colorful floral print cards, and
  • 14 index dividers

This is the best way to pass down family recipes from generation to generation. This thoughtful gift not only adds to the aesthetic of anyone’s kitchen but also proves useful for future generations.

Hygge Game

valentines day gifts for her

As any couple can testify to – communication is key. This Valentine’s Day give her the gift of communication with over 300 thought-provoking question cards from the Hygge Game. These thoughtful, entertaining, and interesting questions will allow you and your partner to enjoy a night of quality time, and getting to know each other better in a cozy environment.

Also, what adds to the value of this gift is that it can be played with anyone – your partner, friends, family, or even colleagues. Have a dinner party coming up? Enjoy this conversation starter.

Designed by Hygge, which literally translates to ‘enjoying the good things in life.’ The word echoes the idea behind the game and company which promotes comfortable togetherness. What more could one ask for than a night of getting to know each other a bit better?

Q&A a Day: 3 Year Journal

valentines day gifts for her

Do you believe your love was built to last? If you answered no, then you probably have other things to do than look for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If you answered yes, however, you may just survive this Valentine’s Day with your relationship intact. Why not put your love to the test? The Q&A A Day is a journal for couples to partake in together. It acts as a documentation of three years of their relationship.

Rememeber, every day you are tasked with answering a question the book poses you with either a one or two sentence response. These questions vary from serious relationship questions to others that are more fun.

These questions and the answers you provide can make you find daily appreciation in your partner for small things. The book may ask you to describe a laugh or a ritual their partner does every day. Couples can do this activity together and find ways to connect in many possible ways in this 368-page book brought to you by Potter Gift. This is one of those personalized gifts for her that is sure to win her affection.

The Q&A A day book is the perfect way to keep the spark alive.

What I Love About You Journal

valentines day gifts for her

What better way to show your partner that you love them than to write it all down? This book is a unique gift idea that comes straight from the heart, well it actually comes from a store but what you write in it comes from the heart. This wonderful little hardcover book is made by independent gift makers Knock Knock and it is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

In this little book, you find pages and pages of fill-in-the-blank statements for you to write words of affection describing your joyous union. This gift requires compassion and thought which are unfortunately not included in the pack, so be prepared to pour your heart and soul into this romantic gesture.

This is a gift that should not be left to the last minute so be prepared. Be romantic, be charming, be sweet and enduring. This is one of those romantic gifts for her that will make her melt into your arms.

When writing in the journal do not worry too much about your abilities as a writer and focus more on your feelings. Your partner can overlook errors if she can see these words are from the heart. Keep it real and down to earth.

Herbivore Botanicals – Dead Sea Bath Salts

dead sea salt

Sometimes ladies need a moment to relax. Think of all the things they have to deal with; home, work, the world, you! They need their own time, alone and far, far away from you. So why not give her the gift of peace, serenity and a calm and soothing bath salt? This 100% natural, calming bath salt is effective as well as vegan.

It is made from a variety of ingredients including:

  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals (rich in minerals – it helps detoxify the body)
  • Ylanh Ylang Essential Oil (A tropical floral oil that exudes an intoxicating aroma
  • Vanilla Oil (Extremely calming to the senses and used for thousands of years as a means to sooth the mind and body)

This way she will find relaxation in her body and her mind. Just add in a quarter of the bottle and let it sit for a bit before enjoying the serenity of the warm water. Dead Sea salts were used by Ancient Egyptians and it has been utilized in various skin creams, soaps and is a known beneficiary for the skin.

Anywhere Travel Guide

valentines day gifts for her

This gift will really be a hit with your girlfriend. Mark this under cute gifts for her category, that you can also enjoy. When thinking of unique gifts for her, think of the Anywhere Travel Guide, which is a fun little creation that urges people to explore, anywhere and everywhere. Made up of 75 cards it provides both direct actions, such as going to a street that a random stranger suggests, and silly/fun prompts like buying a stranger a cup of coffee!

Interestingly, This is all to set you and your partner going on an unpredictable and fun adventure. The idea is to explore anywhere and to view the world around you somewhat differently. It helps you and your better half to discover places that you possibly never even knew existed.

These cards are also available on Kindle so you can enjoy them either way!

Zhuoyue Bed Tray with Foldable Legs

valentines day gifts for her

More often than not we just don’t want to leave our beds. So, why should we? We are not suggesting you stay glued to your bed for the entire day. However, what about once in a while, enjoying the comfort of the sheets a little longer? This fold-out tray sits perfectly on your bed and can be used not only for bed-in-breakfast but to hold your laptop for some in-bed-work or even to watch a movie.

It’s easy to fold and is compact so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. The legs are even adjustable and can be locked in place to avoid accidental fold-ups and spill your coffee or breakfast all over your sheets. Made of 100% bamboo, it is long-lasting and looks great, which is a charming combination.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

hair dryer

Revlon is a respected and trusted brand. For this reason, alone, we can say that this may not be a beauty product to turn a blind eye towards. This powerful hair dryer and volumizer is something to behold. It is designed to give a smooth blowout in half the time!

This product has been designed such that its oval brush form soothes the hair, while the round edges add volume. Nylon bristles assists with detangling the hair, while adding volume and control to your tresses. Complete with two speed and heat settings, it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of beauty products.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

valentines day gifts for her

Tired of your girl hogging the blanket? The simple answer is to get her, her own blanket. While you will ‘share’ it, we all know what will really happen to it. The Sunbeam heated blanket is perfect for you, well her, you know what we mean. This blanket is no-joke made from 100% polyester micro plush.

Sunbeam blanket is more than ready to keep you warm anytime you need it to. It even has a pre-heat function, to get the bed ready just for you. It has up to ten heat settings and will automatically turn off after being on for ten hours. Complete with a ComfortTec Controller with digital display and push button controls, this is an absolute must-have. This time she has the perfect excuse for stealing all the blanket!

There you have it, the top ten ideas for her this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to make this day special for her and for you two as a couple. Get her something that you put thought into and is straight from the heart.

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